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Tips to Save Water Bills

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Trying to cope up with electricity bills, internet bills, phone bills, and house rent in some cases, one tries to reduce the expenses and cut down usage of these appliances or services. But when it comes to the water bill, there is no need to cut down any usage of the appliances or water based activities but to just reduce the consumption of water required for those activities in a smart manner which will not only help you to spend less amount on the water bills but also contribute the conservation of water on a day to day basis with your house hold activities.

Here are 12 tips that can be taken today itself which will not disturb your activities but help you use water efficiently and carefully reducing the monthly water bill.

Wait for the Washing machine to load : If you are someone who does laundry by yourself using a washing machine, it is recommended to use the machine efficiently using less water.

  • Buying a washing machine which is a front loading model rather than a top loading model as it makes less use of water for washing.
  • Also, it is not ideal to use the machine loaded only half or less than that as it also causes harm to the functioning of the machine.

Wait till the washing machine is fully loaded with clothes as it will consume same water even if the quantity of the clothes is less and you wont have to use the machine frequently saving the water and electricity bill.

Use a dishwasher:

  • Washing dishes in a dishwasher consumes less water than washing them with hands. There is plenty of running water that is being used for washing dishes in the sink.

Though if there is no option and you refrain to use or buy a dishwasher, there can be measures taken to save water even while washing with hands.

  • Close the tap when you are soaping the dishes and open it only when you have to wash.
  • Do not let the food remains clog up the sink as it will need a lot of water for removing these remains and sometimes cause serious clogging problems.

Save with Faucet Aerators: Faucet aerators are been used over the taps and showers to reduce the wastage of water.

  • The faucet aerators fill the running water with air which causes reduction in water usage.
  • The faucet aerators increase the water pressure and gives a pressurized flow of water which can be beneficial for removing dirt or washing something.
  • They help to maintain the performance of water and help to reduce the usage of water by about 30 to 40%.
  • The latest designs of faucets have an inbuilt faucet aerator, but the traditional ones require updating.

Bath with efficiency: Using a bath tub for bathing consumes about 40 gallons of water. Instead, using a shower saves up to 50% of water if it is limited to 5 minutes.

  • The shower can be used more efficiently by using the faucet aerators over its head and closing the shower for the times when one is scrubbing the soap.
  • Even better option of bathing is the traditionally used, bucket bath saves water more than the shower as there is a limit of the bucket capacity to the usage of water unlike shower where the person loses hold of time while enjoying the bath

Use Energy Star Appliances:

  • Usage of the certified energy star appliances like washing machine or dishwasher are efficient in the consumption of water as they reduce its usage by about 35% to 50% in comparison with the non certified ones.
  • Along with water, these appliances also helps in saving of energy by consuming less electricity.

Whenever you buy a washing machine or a dishwasher, check of the seal of Energy Star Appliances or WaterSense which ensures the efficient use of water

Water the plants with maximum saving: Water the plants and trees in your garden in a correct time which will help the plants make efficient use of water.

  • The best time to water the plants is either early morning or late afternoon as the intensity of the sunlight at these times will be low as compared to the noon time where the sun is at its maximum and it will cause evaporation of the water in the plants.
  • It is also beneficial to plant those plants and trees which retains the water in the soil.
  • The plants which are locally found in your area can be of great help as they have been surviving there since ages.

Cover the Swimming Pools: There are swimming pools been made in the societies, parks, bungalows, restaurants and even some by the government.

  • These swimming pools account for a large amount of water as it involves regular cleaning and refilling of the pool.
  • Hence it is advised to cover these pools which plastics and sheets when they are not in use.
  • This will help to avoid evaporation of water in these pools and you wont have to refill it frequently

Flush with less water: The flush tank of the toilet is constantly filled with water. Hence on every usage, it flushes a large quantity of water that is present in the flush tank. If this space is filled with some plastic bottle or container, the water that is used to flush every time will be less in quatity.

  • The water used for flushing every time can be reduced with using some plastic containers or bottles.
  • The modern designs of toilets come with low flow model which uses less than half water on every flush as compared to the traditional toilets.
  • The modern designs also have two flapper system which has varied flow of water, an option for the user, according to the requirement.

Clean your car before washing: Car washing consumes large quantity of water as it has a high surface area.

  • The bigger the vehicle, the more water it requires for cleaning purpose.
  • Sometimes the water pressure is used to remove the dirt and dust from the car which consumes a lot water.
  • If the washer uses a sponge or cloth to clean the stubborn dirt and dust off the car, along with some soap or detergent which will make it go off easily it can reduce the consumption of water upto some extent and also clean the car without much efforts in less time.

Collect the natural water: We receive a lot of water in the form of rain every year. Some of this water percolates into the ground to add up to the ground water levels which other is consumed by plants and trees.

  • The water that is collected on the rooftops and slides down can be collected.
  • Some amount of that can be used by us by collecting in a rain barrel and using it for various house hold activities which will reduce the use of tap water.
  • The rain water is clear hence can be used for washing dishes, clothes, in toilets or for various other cleaning purposes in the house holds.

Fix those leakages: Leakages cause wastage of large amount of water if they are not treated in time.

  • These leakages occur in toilets, bathrooms, sinks and cause severe damage to the plumbing system of your house.
  • The disturbance in one toilet can cause problems to the other houses in your neighbourhood.
  • If the leakage is not open or easily visible the leakage may cause wastage of water for a long time without being noticed, adding up to the water bill.

Hence it is important to check the plumbing of the house occasionally to avoid such incidents. There are various methods which can help you check if there are any leakages in your system which can be carried out.

Efficient Hot Water: The geyser and heaters take a few minutes to heat the water and give the hot water after the tap is on. The cold water that pours before the hot water generally wasted.

  • One can save the cold water in a bucket or container and use it later for other purposes.
  • If the water is boiled on a gas stove or microwave, it does not cause any loss of water.
  • Insulating the pipes which gives hot water will in the heat loss and pour hot water in less time and for longer time.
  • It also saves energy along with water bill.

Along with all these measures it is very important to avoid wastage of water on a personal level by every member of the family to reduce the water bill by showering for less time, taking as much water as it is required for drinking, reusing the water, and using water efficiently for all other purposes which can not only help in your bill but also be a great contribution to avoid water shortage in the world. Pay water & electricity bills using ladwp

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