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Tips to Save Utility Bills

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With the increasing prices of electricity, water, utility services and increasing emergence and usage of various electronics gadgets in households, one might want to cut on the utility bill which is having a huge share in the monthly expenses in every house. Their are various measures being taken to decrease the power and water consumption through various means by government and other private companies to conserve electricity and water for the future generations.

Here are 13 tips which will help you to save up a good amount on the utility bills every month without having to make many sacrifices on the usage of essential gadgets or for luxury.

Use Smart lights: The traditionally used light bulbs consume a large amount of energy and have large contribution in your utility bill every month.

  • These are currently being replaced with the CFL lights or LED lights after the traditional lights in many houses, have reached at the position that they require replacement.
  • The CFL lights consume up to 75% of less energy than the traditional light bulbs.

There are a few people who do not prefer using CFL lights because of their brightness or light intensity. In such cases LED lights are a perfect option to replace your light bulbs with.

Clean Air dryer: Air dryers are majorly used in house holds on everyday basis.

  • The usage causes accumulation of dirt and dust on the surface of the dryer which causes it to use more power.
  • The clogged dryer uses 30 % more energy than the clean dryer.
  • This leads to usage of more electricity leading to the increase in your utility bill.
  • If the air dryer is cleaned regularly, it will use less electricity saving you some pennies. Dry clothes continuously one after the other which will keep the dryer from cooling down nd consume less energy.
  • Also, do not use the dryer for a long time as over drying consumes more energy and damages the clothes.

Use Energy Star Labelled appliances: The companies are making efforts to introduce gadgets and device that consume energy efficiently.

  • The devices like washing machine, refrigerator, and many others come with labels of Energy Star which helps to consume electricity in an efficient manner.
  • These are certified electronic gadgets which make sure that the electricity is not being wasted.

So next time, when you go to buy a washing machine or any other household appliance, make sure it has a energy star label. It will not only save your electricity bill but also water bill.

Install motion sensors: There are various technological advancements been happening all around the world, motion sensors being one of its application.

  • Motion sensors work in such a way that as soon as you get out of your room the electronic gadgets that are functioning in the room shut down immediately.
  • Hence you pay only for the time you are using the electricity and does not let it waste.
  • There are various other setting on the motion sensors where they switch off by themselves, but have to be switched on manually as per the requirement.
  • They play a major role in cutting off the unnecessary light and AC cost helping you to save on the utility bill.

Advanced Bath Fans: Advanced bath fans work in a similar way as the motion sensors.

  • They are switched on automatically as soon as someone enter the bathroom, and are switched off as soon as the person comes out of the bathroom not wasting electricity on the fan when no one is using the bathroom.
  • You can also put timer on these fans for how long you want the fan to run after one usage of the bathroom and then it will turn off automatically after the timer is off, contributing to saving on your utility bill.

Servicing of Appliances: If the air conditioner at your house, is placed exactly opposite the window which allows suns heat on the air conditioner, it will use electricity in a large quantity to cool down the room.

  • It is suggested to hinder the suns rays in some way like pulling off a curtain or planting tall trees which is stop the sunlight to directly contact to the air conditioner.
  • It is also important to maintain these devices like ACs, water purifiers, washing machines to be regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure that they do not use excessive energy because of some small issues in the functioning of these appliances which may go unnoticed.

Turn off the switches, remove the plugs: There are reports which states that the TV, printers, modem, computers or any other charging devices contribute a large amount to the electricity bill as they consume electricity all day long, even when they are not in use or when they are switched off.

  • Hence it is recommended to unplug the plugs from the sockets when they are not in use, which is almost the majority time of the day, to save up on your utility bills.
  • One can also plug these gadgets into a power strip and cut off supply to the strip to save energy.

Install Smart Homes: Smart homes is a concept which works on advanced technologies like Internet of Things and Artificial intelligence, where one has control of the household appliances and gadgets through their smart phones and they can operate these appliances from anywhere

  • They can switch off or on any gadgets as per their use when they have gone for work or for long vacation.
  • The risk of forgetfulness to switch off any device is no longer an issue as they smart homes concept covers the requirement.
  • The smart homes system also comes with many more benefits like security of the house, installation of cameras or thief protection as per the user demands

This might look like a big investment but comes with great benefits and safety which is growing its market value.

Install Dimmers: We do not require bright and full intensity of light for the entire day. Dimmers can help you to change the brightness and intensity of the electric bulbs and lights as per the requirements and the mood.

  • The dim light can be a soothing experience and have got many fans all over.
  • The dimmers come with lights of various colours and patterns which also adds up to your home decor and help you save some amount on your utility bill by using only as much light is required at any time.

Wash Efficiently:

  • Wash your clothes in cold water rather than using a hot water force as using cold water helps the washing machine to use less energy as compared to the hot water and hence saves up on the utility bill.
  • Instead of using the dryer of the washing machine one can dry your clothes in the sunlight and air especially in summer season as it also helps to kill germs on the clothes.
  • Use a washing machine which is a front door model rather than a top door model as it uses less water and helps to reduce your water bill and also save water.

Keep Oven closed: Try to keep the oven closed as much as possible. Even if you open it, do not open for a large time.

  • Every time you open the oven, there is reduction in its temperature by about 25%.
  • Hence when the lid is closed again, it takes up more energy to increase the temperature of the oven and increases to your electricity bill.
  • When you are just heating something small or cooking small use a small appliance like your toaster or microwave which will consume less energy than the oven. For paying power and water bills visit ladwp

Adjust temperature of your fridge: Fridge contribute a huge amount to your electricity bill as it is switched on 24/7 to keep the food fresh and safe.

  • Fridge works most efficiently when it is fully loaded, hence, even if there is not food or vegetables to be kept into it, fill the space with water containers in the fridge and the freezer.
  • It is important to clean the coil of the fridge at least two times in a year which will increase its efficiency to about 50 %.
  • Keep the temperature of the fridge to about 35 degrees F and that of the freezer to about 5 degree F which will help you to keep the food fresh and will not consume much of the electricity which will save up to your utility bill.

Go Solar:

  • A lot of people are using solar energy to run devices and gadgets as much as possible.
  • The solar energy is available in nature in tremendous amounts which if used smartly can be used as a replacement to electricity.
  • There are various solar based water heaters and other gadgets which is a one time investment which can serve with energy for many years.

Every person of the house has to have a contribution on personal level to save energy and cut down on your utility bill. One must remember that every small contribution makes a huge difference and every saved up penny counts. For paying parking tickets use lacity-parking

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