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Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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Being the largest municipal institution for utility, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power oversees raw water deliveries and lake level management along with operating a power plant as a pumping storage facility. The pumping power plant follows a night and day schedule under which power is generated in the day when water flows from upper to the lower reservoirs and is pumped back up at night. Also, the power system is supplied through natural gas and renewable resources, the best among which is the ‘green power’ that is generated from windmills. Also, in support of the conservation of resources, LADWP is investing in the photovoltaic solar throughout the geothermal sources in the Salton sea area. This step is also taken to cater to the increasing needs of the people for water and power due to various reasons and to encourage technological advancements. Anyone can visit the online website of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power at

Outages and their potential solutions

Despite the large population, the Department of Water and Power attends to, water and power outages are experienced by people. These may be intentional ( 1or 2-hour cuts at a certain predetermined time when people are affected the least), in order to conserve energy or they may be unintentional occurring due to several reasons that the department seems to be working upon. The increased demand for water along with the reduced supply from the initially available resources have caused a need for power outages.

However, the Department of Water and Power is looking for new water resources coupled with the increased use of recycled water, use of captured storm water and its reuse and increased conservation. Also, LADWP is looking towards pipeline replacement projects because many of the old pipes were beginning to wear out or were at full capacity and unable to handle the demand in the future. Along with the water issues, the power lines overhead is being upgraded and is expected to take at least 10-15 years to complete. This may also result in outages. However, despite the projects undertaken by the Department of Water and Power, the institute provides a solid platform to put forward the grievances, questions, comments and even emergency situations such as water and power outages for people so that they can be assisted.

Frequently asked questions about the Los Angeles Department of water and power

There are many queries that the department of Water and Power receives, however, over time some of these queries have become frequent. These include questions about the Account Access Code of a person, the Account Number of a person, how to retrieve the password to one’s account and the username. People also asked about the steps they should take in case they have multiple usernames and cannot log in. These are some of the FAQ. The other questions and their answers are mentioned on the official website of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.


In case of an emergency, people can contact LADWP’s Customer Contact Centre at 1-800- DIAL-DWP(1-800-342-5397). For comments or questions, one can email the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power by accessing the information at Also, it is specifically mentioned that in case of emergency or outages, people should call instead of email for early and fast action.

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