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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power or LADWP is one of the biggest municipal utilities in the United States. It serves over four million residents of the nation. It was founded more than a hundred years ago to deliver safe, reliable water and electricity to its happy residents in the city of Los Angeles. There is a total of five members having the authority to control it. The pumping power plant follows a night and day schedule under which power is generated in the day when water flows from upper to the lower reservoirs and is pumped back up at night.

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Also, the power system is supplied through natural gas and renewable resources, the best among which is the ‘green power’ that is generated from windmills. Also, in support of the conservation of resources, LADWP is investing in photovoltaic solar throughout the geothermal sources in the Salton sea area. This step is also taken to cater to the increasing needs of the people for water and power due to various reasons and to encourage technological advancements. Anyone can visit the online website of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power at


  • The simple and easy interface of DWP LA allows their users to interact with them in a very user-friendly way. Official website is very interactive and organised.
  • If you are an existing user you can directly visit the login page and sign in with your details. The address of the login page of LA DWP is
  • The login page contains two input fields i.e username and password.
  • The first field requires your username and the second requires the password.
  • Then after entering the respective details, proceed to the Log In button.
  • If the customer finds some difficulty in LADWP Login, maybe because they forgot the password then he or she must click on the link saying Forgot Password or Username.
  • After clicking, the link will redirect you to the new page, where you must enter your username and other required details.
  • After that, the site will send you an e-mail to the registered email address, containing a security code to log in to LADWP or, to set a new password.

How To Register For Ladwp

If you want to create an account, here are some simple steps to register.

  • Now, first, open the URL
  • Then, the webpage opened has two input fields.
  • The first text box requires the user’s account number and the second requires an Access code. Now you must be wondering what is an account number. So, an account number is the number on the front page of your bill.
  • It is located at the top center of the page, below the Bill date. Then you will be needing an access code to input in the next text box.
  • The Access code number is needed when you are accessing your account online or maybe over the phone.
  • It can be your last four digits of the primary account holder’s Social Security Number, last four digits of the Federal Tax ID associated with this account, or any other Personal Identification Number.
  • If you want any more details regarding Access Code, then, you can contact the customer service.

How does LADWP help

Some of the key services that the LA DWP offers business owners include:

  • They provide electricity and water supply for your business.
  • They provide installation or up-gradation of electrical services such as electric meters.
  • They provide fitting or up-gradation of water services such as water meters.
  • They offer outdoor area lighting for your company.
  • They give tree trimming for vegetation encircling your business.
  • They allow electrical vehicle charging station installation.
  • They provide a solar meter installation.
  • They give temporary electric and water services.
  • They authorise/design checks or inspects for projected electric services.
  • They give allowance and incentives for energy-efficient upgrades

Brief History of how it all started

Now, you might be wondering about how it all started, so here is a brief view of the history. In the mid-19th century, Los Angeles saw exponential growth in population, the increasing population came with many problems. Some of them were a shortage of power supply, degraded quality of water, pollution. During that time, most of the people ignored the effect of pollution, until serious health issues became one prominent problem. In 1857, the council finally realized that the system needs an up-gradation. This gave William Mulholland franchise the idea to provide homes with water through an underground system. William Mulholland was the superintendent and chief engineer of the Municipal Water Department.

They constructed new reservoirs, distributed mains, which added capacity and efficiency to the system. These schemes warned people to pollute water and use wasteful water. Mulholland had the vision to provide the city with clean and safe water, that every citizen deserves. Under the direction of then-Mayor Fred Eaton, he planned to build an adequate system using the concept of gravity to transport water from Eastern Sierra mountains to Los Angeles. This plan became so popular with citizens who voted a bond of $1.5 million to purchase Owens Valley and water rights.

After the treatment of water was dealt with, the electricity supply was now the issue to be resolved. It gave people their first hydroelectric plant in 1917. LA DWP continues to acquire small electric companies and by 1939, it was the only power provider in Los Angeles. They grew their power plants one by one, and now the results are in front of us. Care to visit ihss timesheet

This small-scale project became so popular amongst the city, that, now it is the largest DWP in the whole country. We may say that the growth of Los Angeles is intricately linked to the history

The Current Scenario

In today’s situation, DWP LA has approximately 10,000 employees and has a strong and diverse workforce that provides water and power services to the 4 million residents and businesses in the City of Los Angeles. They have made our polluted tap water safe to drink, maintain power levels. The eco-friendly electricity majorly consists of natural gas with 34%, then renewable energy with about 29%, it also receives 9% of energy by generating nuclear power in Arizona. It receives about 5% of the electricity from the hydropower taken from the Hoover Dam. They get the rest of the power from the system itself considering the water is descending from the mountain resources. It also includes 22% been generated from the pumped storage facility, technically the hydropower.

It has been producing revenue and the share of the annual electric revenues goes to the general Los Angeles city. The operations of DWP LA has been under the funding taken from the sale of water and electric services. The sale of bonds is contributing to the capital funds of the department. They do not receive any tax support.

Currently, the LADWP supplies more than 24 million megawatt-hours of electricity in a year for 1.4 million users of the City of Los Angeles. The DWP both owns and conducts the majority of its generation, transmission and distribution systems. Since the methods used to generate are cost and time effective, this has added effectively towards the growth of Los Angeles for more than a century. For a better system to meet the needs of all of their customers, the DWP is creating an energetic program to enhance generation potential, regenerate transmission and distribution infrastructure, assure power quality and identify cost-saving and environment-friendly measures.

Water and power outage

Despite the large population, the Department of Water and Power attends to, water and power outages are experienced by people. These may be intentional ( 1or 2-hour cuts at a certain predetermined time when people are affected the least), in order to conserve energy or they may be unintentional occurring due to several reasons that the department seems to be working upon. The increased demand for water along with the reduced supply from the initially available resources has caused a need for power outages. However, the Department of Water and Power is looking for new water resources coupled with the increased use of recycled water, the use of captured stormwater and its reuse and increased conservation. Also, its looking towards pipeline replacement projects because many of the old pipes were beginning to wear out or were at full capacity and unable to handle the demand in the future.

Along with the water issues, the power lines overhead are being upgraded and is expected to take at least 10-15 years to complete. This may also result in outages. However, despite the projects undertaken by the Department of Water and Power, the institute provides a solid platform to put forward the grievances, questions, comments and even emergency situations such as water and power outages for people so that they can be assisted.

In case of an emergency, people can contact Customer Contact Centre at 1-800- DIAL-DWP(1-800-342-5397). For comments or questions, one can email the Department of Water and Power by accessing the information at Also, it is specifically mentioned that in case of emergency or outages, people should call instead of email for early action.

From the above facts and information, we can conclude that LA DWP is a truly transparent utility DWP that wants nothing but the best for all of the citizens present in the city. DWP LA grants quality service at competitive prices to its 681,000 water customers and 1.4 million electric customers. The majority of its production is done in an eco-friendly manner, which contributes to the welfare of the environment. The DWP LA has an eye towards fairness, and equality, it will do whatever it can to serve its customer the best they deserve. For parking payments take a look at lacity-parking

There are many queries that the department of Water and Power receives, however, over time some of these queries have become frequent. These include the following:

Frequently asked questions about LADWP

What is the Account Access Code of a person?

It is a last 4 digit code of SSN, Federal Tax ID or Personal identification number. If you have forgotten your account access code you can reset it by calling the customer support of ladwp 1-800-DIAL-DWP. Or you can walk in directly to the Customer Service Centers.

What is the account number of a person?

Ladwp Account number is 10 digit unique number located on the front page of your bill. If are unable to find it you can request it online by sending an email to the concerned department or by making a telephonic call to the 1-800-DIAL-DWP. You can also visit the customer service centre directly and check with the details. If you have recently subscribed for the turn-on service, you won’t get the account number until the turn-on service date. So make sure to contact about account number only when the turn-on service date has passed.

How can someone retrieve his/her password?

To retrieve the password, a person has to go to the ‘ forgot username or password’ link at the website and then follow the further instructions. Similar steps should be followed in case the username is forgotten

If someone has multiple usernames and cannot log in, what can they do?

The LADPW system now only supports one username per email address. If someone has multiple usernames, they can go to the ‘Contact us’ page and select Login / Website Issues from the dropdown menu. After entering all the usernames, they need to choose which one they want to keep

These are some of the FAQ. The others are mentioned and answered on the official website of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power that is Visit the URL and check them out.

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