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IHSS Timesheet – eTimesheets – IHSS Provider

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In Home Supportive Services is an effective option to offer assistance for the people who cannot act independently. Aged, disabled and blind individuals look out for home care assistance and IHSS programs help these dependents magnanimously by offering services at their homes. Approximately IHSS record says 5, 20,000 care providers and 6, 00,500 recipients are found. It’s a partnership system and various departments like California Department of Social Services, County’s Healthcare Services Departments, Advocates communion, public authorities and many more are involved.

IHSS program

  • In 1974 the IHSS-residual program started and was completely funded by the state and county.
  • In 1993 personal care services programs started with the Federal fund. People who are eligible to receive this benefit will be also involved in Federal financial Medi-cal participation.
  • In 2009 IHSS plus started and the recipients under the category are included in the scope of Federal financial participation Medi-cal
  • In 2010 community first choice option began to provide medical assistance

IHSS assessment

Assessments are mandatory in order to know the eligible recipients for the respective programs. The assessments are done at the home visits initially and annually. Circumstantial assessments are also conducted in order to meet the needs of people during their crisis. Social workers who are completely dedicated under this IHSS program have to know how this need assessment has to be conducted and what kind of criteria to be followed.

IHSS authorized services

At the time of assessment of needs, authorized services should have a comprehensive understanding of the services by reviewing the person’s medical background, medication details, Doctor’s information and other kinds of involved processes. Social workers have complete responsibility to check all the documents in order to know their respective needs and also provide justified case narration for the authorized services.

IHSS provider Enrollment Process

Depending upon the authorized services, recipient information will be shared with the social worker and in return they would extend their services in getting the recipient’s needs from IHSS.

Register to be IHSS provider

In-home supportive services providers are paid regularly for their rendered services or any work that he or she does under the service program called IHSS. If anyone is interested to be a part of the service then that interested person needs to be enrolled to receive payment. The outlined procedures of the IHSS need to be finished within the stipulated 90 days period.

Any criminal records or convictions in the last 10 years, then the person has to start the process directly from step 2 because of time constraint. If the person begins the procedure from step 1, it definitely takes longer than usual because the Department of Justice, California needs to check out the criminal records and has to inform the County.

Step 1 : Completion of enrollment options under IHSS program provider- SOC 426

  • County IHSS office will provide you SOC426 blank copy, which needs to be read carefully and filled
  • Reporting of crime history or conviction needs to be mentioned
  • US Federal or the respective state government photo ID needs to be submitted
  • SOC 426 information will be completely verified by the Department of Justice California

Step 2 : Background check to review criminal history

  • Fingerprinted is the first option under this procedure.
  • Wait for the county’s instructions to proceed with fingerprinting
  • IHSS office will provide you the nearby spot or location to get fingerprinted
  • For reviewing your criminal history you are supposed to pay a fee and you have to pay it at the fingerprinting spot

Depending upon the background verification, if you are convicted under tier 1 or tier 2 to crime detail then you may not be eligible to be an IHSS provider. To know about Los Angeles water and power bill methods visit ladwp login

Waiving process

Under the criminal records on any exception if you own the rehabilitation certificate, you can be pushed into the eligibility process of IHSS provider. You need to surrender the copies and complete the procedure of expungement under SOC426. There are also chances for getting into the eligibility list of IHSS providers if you are exempted generally under tier2 crime history. Application procedure is there to complete the request and request for general exception.

Step 3: County’s orientation program

  • The respective county or the public authority of IHSS office will schedule the orientation session
  • The orientation emphasizes the significance of IHSS program, why to be taken with due respect and what kind of requirements to be adhered

Step 4: Signing enrollment agreement of IHSS program

This is a requirement procedure to be completed by signing the IHSS program documents so that you are eligible to be part of this service.
Once you complete the four steps, you are legally getting approved by the public authority and hence forth you are one of the IHSS providers. These steps have to be mandatorily completed within the stipulated 90 days of time period. If there is any question or clarifications regarding this enrollment procedure you can contact directly the IHSS officer or the public authority

Appeal over Denial

You might be interested to become an IHSS provider and would have applied for the process. Sometimes there are chances to get denied and in such a state you need to follow the below steps. If your approval is denied due to some kinds of internal issues there are options to get approved by forwarding the appeal to the California department of social services.

  • Appeal must be requested within 60 days of the county’s announcement
  • Fill and properly sign the appeal form SOC 856
  • Your record needs to be photocopied front and back
  • Mail to the California department of social services
  • After CDSS receives your appeal notification, it will be sent to the office of the public authority for appeal review
  • This process takes 180 days maximum to complete

Electronic Services portal

This ESP is an exclusive website which encourages every IHSS provider to meet out their payroll administration process using their gadgets. Recipients have the comfortability of approving or rejecting the online timesheets whenever they see the submission sheet. Alongside the can also check their respective payment details, direct deposits, and also sick leave process.

IHSS Timesheet

IHSS timesheet is created for payrolling services of the IHSS provider for which they need to successfully enrol to the IHSS provider program. This is the fundamental step involved in getting an IHSS provider option. Once it gets approved, the timesheet is received by the respective person. The IHSS providers have to adhere to the time sheets depending upon the working hours they have been allotted to extend their care to the respective recipient. Both providers and the recipients have to fill the timesheet, sign the agreement and the provider needs to submit the document to the respective authority called case management information and payrolling systems

How to register for ihss timesheet?

  • Open the link
  • The electronic service portal gets opened
  • The welcome note of the portal informs you about the details
  • There are two registrations possible here as “recipient” and as “provider”
  • If you are a provider check the option “I am a provider”
  • Click the option “begin registration process”

There are 5 steps involved to register to become the provider of IHSS

Step 1- User Information

  • In the first step you have to get the user information
  • Type your first name, and last name in the respective rows
  • Provide your date of birth as per the format given
  • Enter your provider number
  • Type last 4 digits of SSN (Social security number)
  • Click the option “next”

If your details provided are perfect it moves to the second step, account information

Step 2- Account information

  • Type your username
  • Create strong password
  • Type in your email address
  • Click the option “next”

Step 3 – security questions

  • The list of questions will be displayed
  • Select the right and remembering security questions
  • Provide the respective answers to the questions
  • Click the option “Next”

Step:4 – Email verification

  • Once you complete the first three steps, fourth is a crucial one and it is email verification
  • Open your registered email address and check for the registration email sent
  • Choose the link and follow the instructions
  • This is to verify your username, password and registered email address

Step 5 – registration confirmation

  • Type the username
  • Provide the created password
  • Select any one of the chosen security questions
  • Click “confirm registration”
  • Your registration to IHSS provider is completed

If you want to register as IHSS recipient, the same registration steps are applicable

IHSS Login Timesheet?

  • Enter into the link
  • Enter your registered username in the option given
  • Type in your created password
  • Select the option “login”

IHSS timesheet- Forgot username

  • Open the link
  • Click the option forgot username or password
  • It will redirect to the retrieval page
  • Click the dropdown menu option select your user type
  • Select the necessary option either provider or recipient
  • Give your email address
  • Click the option “send username”
  • Open your respective given email ID
  • Follow the instructions to get your username

IHSS timesheet – Password Reset

  • Enter into the link
  • Select the option forgot username or password
  • Password retrieval page gets opened
  • Below the username retrieval option you can find password reset option
  • Provide your username
  • Type your email ID
  • Click the option “reset link”
  • Open your respective email address
  • Click the link for resetting your password

Why to register for the IHSS timesheet?

After registering with respective IHSS timesheets you can have various benefits as given below

  • Frequent checking of timesheet and your payment options
  • Submission of timesheets becomes comfortable
  • Overcoming paper timesheets and everything is processed online
  • Additional timesheets can be requested
  • Enrollment to the direct deposit is possible
  • Leave claiming, policies and structure can be accessed

IHSS Telephone timesheet system

This is very comfortable for the recipients and the IHSS care providers to complete all works on time over the phone. Alongside of timesheet submission they can also get to hear the status of their submitted timesheet by calling. This is a comfortable system for the care providers and the recipients who can get to know their details without the internet accessibility. It can also be very flexible for the people who are visually impaired and try to get their review by mail for registering on the website. This system is available in multiple languages and respective country people can make use of this option.

IHSS – Payment options

IHSS providers look forward to knowing what kind of payment options are there and how it can be accessed. As a provider you need to know the automatic payment system like depositing into your banks or into your savings account instead of sending you by mail. One of the greatest benefits of depositing an amount directly into your account is, you can check your amount immediately whether it is credited or not and you can be free from getting lost if it has been sent over mail. If you are willing to get your payment option directly then the following details are mandatory

  • Register with your ESP website or get the IHSS timesheet login option as given above
  • To get this service either you need to be an IHSS provider or the recipient
  • Ensure you have bank account to credit your payment

IHSS – Contact for assistance

ESP- Helpdesk
Call at 1-866-376-7066

To sort out
Connectivity issues or navigation problems
Reset the passwords
Register and timesheet enrollment

IHSS Timesheet approval

TTS- Call 833-DIALEVV TTS or 833-342-5388
Visually impaired registration for voice interaction – 844-576-5445

Direct deposit mailing address
Provider forms processing Center
PO box 1697
West Sacramento, CA 95691-6697
Help desk – 1-866-376-7066
Appeal over Denial


Can you please highlight the IHSS timesheet?

IHSS timesheet is an exclusive service offered by the IHSS and WCS providers in order to make their timesheet submission online. The care provider gets a convenient option to enter the working hours for the particular recipient and also makes his or her timesheet submission online with the help of internet accessibility. Alongside if the recipient also has got a timesheet facility he or she can approve or reject the timesheet.

Is enrolling IHSS timesheets mandatory?

Service rendered by electronic timesheet is really appreciable but it is given as optional for those who are not interested to enrol. People who like to move to technology can make use of this electronic option and the continuation of paper timesheets exists.

I have both paper timesheet and electronic timesheet options. Can I do both?

Utilising paper timesheet and electronic timesheet at a time is not at all possible. You need to get enrolled to the respective timesheet system individually and once you are used to the electronic timesheet system it is advisable to stop receiving the paper timesheets.

At the time of registration, it asks for a 9 digit number and social security number. Where do I get that?

The provider number is 9 digits and the recipient number is 7 digits which can be easily received in the respective timesheet itself. If you have not received on time then you can directly contact IHSS office to locate and receive the provider number.
 For receiving 7 digits case number, you can get it from the document called notice of action which is there in the IHSS hours authorization. Similarly you can contact the IHSS office directly to get your case number

 As a provider I submit timesheets online but my recipient is not having any accessibility to the gadgets. What kind of systems do I have to adopt?

To submit your timesheet online, agreement from the recipients is mandatory. Only after getting the approval from the recipient you can proceed for the online submission. Otherwise you can use the telephone timesheet system since it does not need any kind of electronic gadgets and over the call you can complete all your process.
You can confirm the same with your recipient because he or she can get registered with the telephone timesheet system if there is no accessibility for the online procedure. The recipient can directly contact the IHSS office and setup signing procedure for the respective telephone system. Only after registering with telephone timesheet system security access number or the authentication number will be provided

What is the submission period of my IHSS timesheets?

Due dates for electronic submission would be given which has to be followed by the provider. The timesheet submission will start from the day of last working and it can be processed for the pay period accordingly. Normally people make use of the postal service option to submit the timesheet which definitely takes longer time than usual. This is the reason why electronic devices are introduced and emphasized over electronic timesheets.

How to fill, submit and sign the electronic timesheet as a provider?

In the electronic timesheet form you would find an option called “time entry”
Select the actual recipient to enter the time
Choose the “timesheet pay period” 
Choose the time period week or day
Pop up screen showing time entry will be seen where enter the hours, minutes of your working
After time entry choose the option “save hours”
Your submission form gets filled
Select the option “submit timesheet”
After completing the submission you are redirected to a screen to complete the declaration procedure
Select the box to agree to the terms
Choose the option “electronically sign and submit for recipient review”

What is the password criterion?

Minimum of 8 characters
Maximum of 32 characters
Should be created with the combination of letters, two numbers
After 180 days of password creation, reminder will be sent to update new.

What am I supposed to do if I have not got any email at the time of registration process?

This is a common problem encountered by many first time users but make sure at the time of registration you definitely receive mail. If you have not received your mail in your inbox then you are supposed to check in your spam folders or the junk.

I find it really difficult to register with an electronics service portal. Who can I contact?

Service desk at your emergency time is available to contact. You are privileged to call the service desk of IHSS at 866-376-7066 and choose the extension 4 to directly contact the electronic service portal.

Before registering with the electronic service portal what kind of information should be kept ready?

It is always preferred to keep the following information ready before starting registering with an electronic service portal for a timesheet.
Name details
Birth date
Provider number-9 digit (if you are registering as a provider)
Case number-seven digit (if you are registering as a recipient)
Email address
Social security number- last four digits

Often I get mistakes or error messages, what am I supposed to do?

If you happen to encounter frequent error messages or mistakes the popup screen will definitely give you the information to be followed. Follow the instructions clearly according to the directions otherwise you can directly call the help desk of the electronic timesheet and they would provide you the rest of the procedures to complete smoothly. You also get the privilege of selecting the call language as per your convenient option. 

What kind of difficulty I might face at the login process?

Make sure all given information is correct including spellings and symbols
Do not miss out any information including hyphens when you are asked to retype the same
Remember, more than 5 times if you provide incorrect detail, you will be asked to change the password to login further

At the time of IHSS timesheet registration I was given an incorrect email address. How to change?

The IHSS help desk can be contacted immediately and they would cancel your registration process. This will help you to re register.

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