How to Choose Best Utility Provider

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With the hundreds of utility providers in the market, it can be confusing to choose the supplier which is best suited for you. With the increasing demand in electricity due to the increase in population, houses, factories and industries is increasing the demand for electricity which is leading to an increase in its prices. Hence one wants to make sure to use the best possible utility service, which is efficient in use and does cause frequent issues and problems. The concept of deregulation helps customers to have more options for the utility service provider rather than just the local company when their contract is about to be renewed. One also have to take care about the prices of electricity and the increasing use of gadgets and other electronic devices is contributing majorly to the electricity bill in the households.

Hence along with the measures that one has to care about, to save the energy and reduce the electricity bill, one has to be sure that the electricity supplier company is helping them to maintain a low bill amount after making use of electricity efficiently without any wastage of energy. Governments of various countries are taking measures to conserve electricity by encouraging efficient devices and appliances which will save the electricity.

Here are a few things one should keep in mind before taking the decision about which utility service provider to opt for in their locality.

Collect the Information: One should collect all the information about the consumption of electricity.

  • Understand how much electricity is required every month?
  • How much is your monthly bill?
  • When does the contract expire?
  • Whether to keep same or change the utility service provider and more.

All this information will help you to look for various other providers and think whether to change or keep the same for another year. The best way to understand which service provider will be best suited for you is to compare them based on their details and factors such as

  • Quality of service: Make sure that the service is efficient and does not waste electricity.
  • Prices: Make sure that the prices are reasonable and does not have any hidden cost or compromise on the service. Check if there is a cancellation fee applicable if you want to dissolve the contract.
  • Customer service: See how the company reaches to the customers in cases of power cut or some disruption in the service.
  • Market reputation: Make sure that the company has a good reputation in the market from a customers point of view.
  • Reliability: Make sure that the company is reliable with the information that they provide or the billing structure and safe to make a year of contract and many other factors

After comparing this information for various companies you can shortlist the best suited service providers for you and choose the best one among them. After choosing the best one you can contact them to understand further about their services.
You don’t have to always go for the local or the legacy service provider as there are tremendous options in the market and one can surely take a look to get the best one for their houses

Pay the best price:
There are two types of price structures for charging for the electricity.

  • Fixed Price: The contract with your utility provider which says fixed price means that the price of the electricity on per unit basis will be same for the entire tenure of the contract. Even if there are fluctuations in the market price for electricity, you will receive the bill based on the contract which gives a fixed rate. This price structure has an advantage that, even if the prices of electricity in the market increase at any pace, you will get the bill based on the lower price. This can help you to save up a lot of money at the peak conditions of the market.
  • Variable price: The variable price structure in the contract for your utility provider has a variable price, you will receive bill based on variations in the price of electricity in the market. Here you will be billed based on a monthly basis. This has an advantage that it will cost you only as much as you use. If you use the electricity at the peak times, it will charge you more than the normal times. Hence, for anyone who is looking for saving up on the electricity bill, can surely be beneficial from this structure, by using energy wisely and only when it is required. The variations in price can be unpredictable and get any lower or any higher during the time of contract with the utility provider

The longer the contract you make with the company, the lesser price it will cost you. The service contract for 3 months will charge you a lot more every month as compared to the contract for one year or 6 months. Maker sure you receive the bill from your provider for every subscription or transaction.

With the tremendous competition in the market, there may be some companies who will provide the service for a tremendous low price just to get the customer on board and then once the customer buys the service, they may bring up other hidden costs or increase the prices immediately next month which will cause problem to the customer. It might be a marketing strategy for many companies to gain customer’s attention and increase their customer base in competition with other companies. Hence it is important to select a suitable price structure having information about the hidden prices if any.

If you plan on saving a good amount on the utility bill, you can ask your service provider if they have any plan or package which will help them to save up some amount on the monthly bill.

Check Customer Reviews: Customer reviews play a very important part to understand the background and history of the utility provider.

  • You can google about that particular company and read its customer reviews about the service that they provide or how soon they take actions on the complaints that have been launched by the customers.
  • You can google the company name along with words such as fraud, complaints, scam and it will show you all the results that have been launched against that particular company in the past.
  • Based on the reviews it will also give you fair idea about the customer base, its subscriptions, information about how many customers retain the same service every year.

If the customers turn out to be unhappy about that supplier, you can immediately take decision about whether to shortlist the company or search for another one. It is often said that ‘ the customer is always right’ or ‘customer is God’ as the companies have to keep them constantly satisfied with the service so that these customers indirectly promote the business through good reviews or mouth publicity and the company gains more and more customers. Hence one has to see if the utility provider is solving their every problem, taking quick actions for complaints or power cut situations is an important factor to see whether to opt for a supplier or not as these problems may occur with every electric supplier but the one considered as the best is the one who solves these problems without causing any inconvenience to the customer.

Therefore, it is essential to do a digital background check of all the companies before deciding which is best suited for your house.

Utilise the renewable source of energy:
For the people who want to save the environment and encourage conservation of energy, some of the service providers have an option of using the electricity generated from the renewable sources of energy.

  • Sometimes there is also an option that some amount of electricity comes from the renewable source and some amount from the non-renewable source.
  • It is important to check and gain knowledge about the sources of electricity and know how much of it is coming from which source.
  • The people who want to completely opt for renewable sources can get a contract for that package from the utility provider.

More and more people are understanding the importance of eco friendly ways of living and hence they are opting for renewable sources of energy. Government is taking measures to encourage the use of renewable resources. Electricity is being used as an replacement to the fuels and oils as they are scarcely available in the nature. Hence in automobile industries and factories electricity is taking over fuels in vehicles and other parts which makes it important to find and use renewable sources of energy in the future. The renewable source of energy will reduce the carbon footprint and cost you same as the traditional electric prices.

Once you choose the best utility provider that suits you, make a contract with the company after reading all the terms and conditions they have. One should have complete information about the conditions that can occur and consequences one may have to face before opting for any contract. Make sure that the company works in ethical and environmental friendly ways.

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