Are You An Ups Employee? Then Must Check This Out

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Postal service is one of the essential services to every kind of customer in the world. We have to really be careful of the service choices to get our product delivered at the perfect time. Customer satisfaction is the fundamental concentration of any business for which the organizations should focus on staff development. It is mandatory to understand and should also check out the aspects of employees who work in the respective postal service are content enough to continue their services or not. Human resource measures are widening respective to the sector and it has not left the postal service as well.

Postal employees are pretty much sure to get their welfare and benefits provided by the respective organization yet there are some chaos and complexities involved between one and other. Any employee for that matter looks forward to the company’s benefits and kind of attractive features the companies are introducing to satisfy their employees. Besides customer satisfaction employee satisfaction is also a prime factor that firms should keep in mind when they frame strategies.

 It is high time that we check out the emergence of distinguishing factors between United States postal service and United Parcel Service. They both are publicly traded companies and their extensive services are into logistics, courier, and freight. Pretty much appeared to be the best and the largest delivery companies across the countries yet we need to understand the internal characteristics of the postal Services.

What does the employee want?

From the perspective of the employees, we need to understand what kind of initiatives the company drive to retain and create the loyalty of the employees. Emerging as a multibillion-dollar business is really an appreciative factor but behind that, it is not that customer alone stands as the prior factor for business development but the employees also are to be spoken high for the success stories. This eventually results in focussing on a major part of the employee development, employee satisfaction, and employee appreciation about the organization they work for.

All about employee satisfaction

The variables that really could contribute to employee satisfaction are majorly the work-life balance, pay and benefits, job security, personnel advancement organizational support, culture, diversity, and the list gets continued. But it is very crucial to satisfy each and every employee in all the aspects that don’t mean it’s very difficult to retain them in the organization. People who work for United States postal service and United parcel service do have a conflict of interest in understanding yet they are very clear about the service contribution to the companies they are with.

When the question comes in the minds of the employees to whom should I work for they do have some kind of prominent points to get their stand. People have to really make an understanding of what exactly they want from the organization and what the organization could really provide to the employees. When they are clear in this prime line factor the rest automatically falls into the successful mode.


United Parcel Service

  • The greatest and the attractive benefits the employees of UPS gets are the health and insurance benefits. This is a comprehensive coverage which includes the insurances like
    • Health
    • Life
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Temporary disability
    • Accidental death and dismemberment
    • Long term disability
    • Prepaid legal
  • Next to the insurance coverage UPS offers secured job and creates trust among the employees
  • Benefits including the welfare options to the employees are attractive unlike the other similar firms
  • The prominent benefit for the part-time UPS is something to be spoken high about the firm. Determination period is set for the part-time employees and if the employee meets out the working hours the person becomes eligible to avail and claim the benefits
  • The hiring process of UPS is a streamlined one than any other company. UPS makes sure that the hired person is trained and oriented from the bottom level to the determined designation

United States Postal Service

USPS being a government department has got its own zone of employee benefits and they are listed below

  • The health coverage is extensive including life, dental and vision insurances
  • Trip savings plan
  • Vacation days after 20 days can be availed
  • Maternity leave up to 12 weeks is provided but unpaid
  • Commuter benefit
  • Loan repayment benefit for the student
  • Postal employees who are hired currently are included in the social security and Medicare
  • Training initiatives are rigorous in order to make the employee self-sufficient in gaining knowledge with respect to their area of working knowledge with respective to their area of working

Reasons for choosing UPS – The demarcation line

Everyday truckload will be there for the United Parcel Service employees and you have a quick elevation factor to move promotionally whereas with regard to the USPS it has its own number of years to get into the top place.


  • The benefits, package and the advancement opportunities are plenty and clear
  • Fast-paced working setup and people have their own kind of working environment
  • Secured work environment and every year you are promoted with the pay hike
  • Welfare benefits like vacation, sick days, leaves, 401k options are completely covered and very much available for the family as well
  • UPS could be the best choice of selection because of health insurance coverage and individualized development is visible

Distinguishing marks of UPS

  • You got only reasonable hours of driving in a week if you are a driver
  • Diversified delivery options
  • Ups and shows the weekends are granted leave the greatest negative Saturday being a working day
  • Appreciable retirement package and better than any other
  • Direct intervention of the company in controlling the retirement funds
  • Effective management and safe practices
  • Perfect hiring strategy

Know UPS’ flip side

Usually, people assume that being a UPS driver is time-consuming than any other job but people of USPS clearly explicit how difficult it is for being a letter carrier. Of course, UPS also has its negative side from the review of employees but it is a very short end and comparatively better than the USPS actual working scenario.

  • City carrier in USPS seems to be only 8 hours of working hours in a day but in UPS it seems to be 9.5 hours.
  • The long working hour is the only consideration for drivers because they would be driving all the day carrying stuff and loads to the places and if this gets into a reasonable working hour less it could be an even more comfortable option for the employees.
  • UPS also falls into the category of stress full working hours but when people get paid every week they feel literally happy about whatever the work they had done for the week
  • UPS another negative picture is carrying huge tons they have to cross possible traffics in the city area.
  • Evaluated routes for the city carriers could be much appreciated like in USPS


  • USPS union seems to be well advanced and favorable for the employees’ welfare. They are very precise in their benefits and in the internal working environment than UPS. The cons outweigh the pros of USPS irrespective of being a government sector.
  • Work is stressful and the payment options are constraint according to the working nature.
  • The major factor contributing to the negative understanding of USPS is because of the inefficient management because many feel that they are not supported by the organization.
  • Though employees put forward enough amount of work and try to achieve things on their capability and skill level, acknowledgment is delayed.
  • If something goes out of control, the organization immediately reacts in terms of blaming and put the employees under pressure affecting the work morality.
  • Being valued as an employee for as a person is mandatory which seems to be messed up and that creates an insecure feeling in the minds of USPS employees.

Every employee will absolutely look forward to the conducive working environment but it is lacking in USPS eventually creating internal stress and in turn, affects the productivity of the individual. This prevails in the minds of USPS employees because they are comfortable with external customers and when they travel outside they are completely happy their work but which totally a different stand when they work within. They experience internally a great challenge and tough times.

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