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12 Tips on How To Save Electricity

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We are all hooked to electricity both directly and indirectly. With the invention and evolution of technology and the modern world being obsessed with smart phones and other various electronical gadgets we are using electricity more than ever. On an average one household in urban area has more than 5 gadgets which need to be power charged every single day and sometimes twice daily. Not just that in this modern lifestyle we live in there are many other choices we makes that indirectly use a lot of power energy which is not good for us financially as well as the environment. Yes you heard that right, wastage of electricity harms the environment directly in more ways than we can imagine.

The electricity which is available to us everywhere is produced in power plants mostly with the help of fossil fuels like coal, oil etc. We all know that fossil fuels are non-renewable resources which can be used only once and takes millions of years to form again. And not just that, these fossil fuels cause a lot of air pollution which releases harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide in the air which later leads to acid rain and thus there we have the biggest problem on Earth- ‘Global warming’.

What if we tell you that you can help save the environment and also save a few bucks along the way? That’s right there are ways you can save electricity by jut making minute lifestyle changes which aren’t going to cost you even a penny. ‘Charity always begins at home’ so we must start by making changes in our households and also making the people aware of the changes they can make to save electricity. I am sure your parents will be more proud of the reduction in electricity bill rather than the A+ grade you got in your test. Visit los angeles water and power – ladwp for paying your water and electricity bills

Let’s get started.

Few of the tips on how you can save electricity are:

  • Be considerate: The first thing you can do to save electricity is to switch off the lights and fans when not required. If you are walking out of the room make sure to switch off the lights and fans and other electrical gadgets.
  • Switch to sustainability: Yes, there are lights and fans which are more sustainable for the house and take up very little electricity. Switch to LED; they are much better than the regular bulbs.
  • Welcome the natural light: During the day time make sure to open the blinds and windows to let in the natural light from the sun, which will not just save the electricity but will also provide the required Vitamin D to your body.
  • Say no to induction cook tops: Using the old traditional stoves rather than the one’s which use electricity is far more efficient to save energy. Induction cook tops are not just complicated to use but also require a lot of electricity and hence the regular gas stoves are more functional and renewable.
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness: Cleaning your electrical appliances like the bulbs, fans, tube lights and other light devices increase the efficiency of the light illuminating and thus makes it shinier and long lasting. Don’t let any dust build up on your appliances.
  • Saying no to video games: Don’t get mad, but going out to play once in a while or hanging out with your family of friends can conserve energy and marks as a positive change in your routine. Spending time with the people you love can make you happier which no video game can, plus screens are not good for your eyes.
  • Save water save electricity: Checking for water leaks around the house and getting it fixed not only saves water but also conserves energy. Using less water, checking the faucets, limiting the showers to a few minutes save a lot of water and in turn a lot of energy.
  • Full loads or no loads at all: Doing laundry every day is one of the essentials in every household, so make sure you have a full load of laundry in the machine and not just one or two. Having a full load uses saves electricity and also water usage and helps us live more sustainably. Also make sure to use cold water instead of warm while doing your laundry, it cleans the dirt quickly and easily and saves time in turn saves energy.
  • NO standby appliances: Make sure to remove all the electronic appliances or gadgets from the units, they drain the energy sources of a household too. For example, plug out the television, Wi-Fi, microwave, laundry machine and other electronic appliances which are on standby mode.
  • A big yes to energy efficient power strips: if we cannot change the appliance to the one’s which save energy, we can at least invest or switch to energy saving power strips. Plugging your everyday electronical appliances into this energy saving power strips can reduce the use of electricity and thus can conserve some of it.
  • Digital detox: It is the need of the hour. With every second of our lives on digital platforms, let’s have a digital detox and actually spend time reading, painting, cooking or playing. Digital detox is a reboot for your mind, body and also for your electricity bill. Using less gadgets leads to less usage or power charges and hence saves a day’s energy power. Digital detox can help you think and do something productive for a change.
  • Switching to laptops: Laptop needs a certain amount of energy to go about for a day, whereas the desk computers or desktops need to be plugged in all the time for us to use them. Ad there are 10 other units like the scanner, CPU, keyboard which needs to be connected to the power source and hence drains a lot of energy. Laptops or MacBook’s are a much sustainable source of usage as they use less energy compared to the other one. Since half the world is working from home, laptops are the best alternatives to the desk computers.

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